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About Us

The Daviess County Historical Society is dedicated to the collection, preservation, research, organization, exhibition, and/or acquisition of artifacts, documents, sites, and other historical relics, regardless of medium, which are significant to the history of Daviess County, and thereby educate by promoting the historical study of said county, and strive to describe, or illustrate, the social, political, industrial, and educational progress of Daviess County Indiana.  In most cases we do not purchase artifacts.

The Society Shall Exist to:

  • Perpetuate the collection and preservation of artifacts, documents, sites, and to recognize the people significant to the history of Daviess County.

  • Obtain new artifacts and document the stories connected with them.

  • Promote pride & awareness of our heritage & culture to both county residents and non-residents.

  • Sponsor workshops, publish a quarterly newsletter, and secure guest speakers for the historical education of our community.

  • Maintain, operate, and perpetuate the Daviess County Historical Museum, which  includes a Museum Store.

  • Co-operate with & supply historical information to educational institutions, study groups, & individuals doing research on the history & culture of Daviess County.

  • Collaborate with other regional historical organizations, and the Indiana Historical Society when possible.

  • Locate & mark sites of historic significance within Daviess County and assist other organizations or individuals in the maintenance and/or preservation of these sites.

  • Maintain a website for purpose of promotion of the society and museum, to attract both residents and non-residents of the county, which offers historical/genealogical data, research and look up information, books and publications for sale, and other services, some requiring a nominal fee to generate revenue to support society activities.

  • Host and sponsor a major annual event celebrating the history of Daviess County, to attract people to the county to learn about our history and culture.

  • Promote education, tourism and commerce related to its history and traditions in collaboration with the Visitors Bureau, and with other government and commercial tourism organizations

  • Tell stories of Daviess County.

  • Provide guides (both live and media-based) for tourists and visitors to relevant historic sites based on their interests and family histories.

  • Involve all of Daviess County in all of the above.

Board of Directors

President - Doug Dougherty
Vice-President - Mike James
Treasurer - Bill Remsburg
Secretary  Sarah Fry
Trustees - Jim Pirkle, Mary Bradley, Chris Palmer, John Myers, Rose McGuire



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